At JH CrossFit, we program everything with intention; intention to make you the strongest version of yourself; intention to make you the fittest you have ever been; intention to combat the effects of age; intention to prevent injury; intention to push your limits and give you the best results you never knew you could have. Every aspect of our program from the time you step in the door until the time you leave is designed with intention to make you the best version of yourself. 

While there are many CrossFit gyms world-wide, none of them are doing what we do at JH CrossFit. We are unique in our approach, design, and intention for what CrossFit truly is. Regardless if you have experience with CrossFit or not, JH CrossFit is changing the game by creating a fitness experience you cannot get anywhere else! So no matter if you are looking for the most intense workout of your life, just looking to sweat for 30 minutes, or looking to compete in CrossFit we’ve got you covered from our CrossFit classes, JH ASAP classes, and JH Next Level programming.



Our JH CrossFit classes are approximately one hour long and consist of a warm up, strength session, workout session, and cool down. We will take you through the most intense workout session of your life every single day, guided by an expert coach who will tailor the workouts to your ability, showing you how to do everything, and correct your form to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to get better and remain safe. Every day brings something new and we will be with you every step of the way! *PREP COURSE REQUIRED 



Our JH ASAP Classes are approximately thirty minutes long which consist of a warm up, workout session, and cool down. These classes are perfect for anyone who is short on time and is just looking to get a great sweat session in during a busy day. Our expert coaches will take you through the workout of the day, pushing your limits to new heights in just thirty minutes! *PREP COURSE REQUIRED



Our JH Prep Course is a comprehensive and exhaustive 2 day course that will equip any new member with the tools and knowledge necessary to make a seamless transition into our regular CrossFit classes. LEARN MORE 

This course is a one time fee of $60 and if you decide to sign up as a full time member afterwards we will subtract the $60 from your first month’s membership


will include an athlete screening that will provide a total assessment of physical capabilities including range of motion, mobility, and coordination. We will use this information to tailor our programming to your needs. Everyone is at different points of life and at different levels of fitness and with this athlete screening we will meet you where you are. After the assessment we will take you through our JH Baseline body weight workout which will lay the foundation of your CrossFit journey.


Day two will include a nutritional conversation between you and the Prep Coach that will help guide you to a better diet and healthier choices. After that you will go through the foundational movements of CrossFit which include, but not limited to, squats, deadlifts, and presses. We will get a barbell in your hands and show you everything you need to know to stay safe while in the gym as we watch and critique your form. After day two you will have what you need to transition into our regular JH CrossFit classes if you decide to stay!